You may be wondering how your vehicle insurance premium can change, whether you are planning on placing your car in storage or you aren’t making your day-to-day commute anymore due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Today, we are going to discuss a couple of situations and explain a couple of factors that go into figuring out whether or not changing your car insurance Fort Wayne policy will save you money.

Putting Your Car in Storage

There are several ways your broker may go about changing your coverage if you plan to put your car entirely off the road. These ways can result in a lot of savings. The broker will probably either add an endorsement to your policy to suspend all of your road coverages or get rid of all of your coverages except comprehensive coverage. Both of these methods can lead to a lot of savings compared to simply changing the length of your commute. The reason for this is that you will not be driving while your car is away.

You cannot drive your car for any reason if you choose to go this path and suspend or greatly change your coverage. The reason for this is that it is illegal in a couple of states to drive without particular insurance coverage. Aside from that, if you choose to drive and have an accident, you will not have any protection. You should always let the insurance broker know if you are ready to take out your car from the storage and start driving again. This will allow the broker to restart your coverage before hitting the streets again.

Not Making Your Day-to-Day Commute Anymore

Think about updating the yearly kilometers on your policy if you aren’t having the same day-to-day commute as you did when you purchased the policy. This will reflect the modification in your driving habits. Changing the kilometers listed in the car insurance policy might or might not result in a decrease in your payments. Aspects such as where you live and the length of the commute influence your premium. You are probably going to save more if you lower your yearly kilometers compared to a person who drove less to start with if you had a long commute previously. However, you should also keep in mind that the length of commute is only a single factor that goes into the calculation of premiums. Therefore, the money you save by altering your kilometers might not be as big as you would imagine. Your professional insurance broker can exactly know how much you can save by changing temporarily the kilometers on your policy.

You can still utilize your car for vital errands such as a visit to the pharmacy or grocery shopping after you lower the kilometers on your policy. You should let the broker know immediately when you begin commuting again. This will allow them to ensure you’ve got the coverage you require for your commute. If you are planning to go this route, make sure you get your policy from a reliable company.